February 5, 2021: Two Apologies and an Update

I apologize for being slow with the updates. Additionally, I apologize for not uploading my review of Seven Spires I announced I would. Unfortunately, given the length and scope of the anthology, the time making such a review would require and the fact that there are more important things to write about means that I simply do not have the motive to complete it. I know that you, my readers will all be understanding (especially since none of you asked for the review in the first place).

In personal news: life is going well for me, though job searching has as of late still not been productive. I have been reading and socializing online quite a bit, and now that I have finally decided to put writing that review aside, I plan to do more interesting writing. As usual, I will post to both my Twitter and to my Fediverse accounts when I update my site.