December 25, 2020: Christmas!!

It's Christmas today, but since my twin sister will be working today (hospitals never close for the holidays), we did the gift-giving yesterday. I gave my older sister and parents some excellent cashmere scarves I found (as well as giving my older sister an exotic bar of soap) and gave my twin sister some adult coloring books.

I got a webcam from my older sister. Soon after testing it out, the cat damaged the USB cable attached to the device. Fortunately, I should be able to fix this myself with some soldering equipment, as the damage is solely to the wire portion of the cable and USB cables are apparently not too difficult to fix. I also got a ton of absolutely excellent hunting clothing from my mother and twin sister. From my dad, I got a pair of hunting headphones compatible with my phone and a walkie-talkie.

I really need to try better next year with gift shopping. I should probably ask more explicitly for low-key things; most of the time I don't ask for anything and I still end up getting outclassed in gifts recieved.

Today we are mostly relaxing and having a somewhat formal dinner of ham and other wonderful things. As previously mentioned, my mother wishes to have the New Year's celebration on January 20th, and we will have a much bigger dinner then, coupled with the physical presence of my by-then-fully COVID-19-vaccinated sister.

I am currently writing my article on Seven Spires, but may post an article of a different sort later on. I am also thinking of changing the formatting of the Dan Brown article, as I am not happy with my first attempt at working with HTML.